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allies for optimists


Our team will help you find, validate & act on strategic opportunities that will renew your business.

We are experts in strategic design, innovation, strategic change and customer experience.

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Liisa Holma


As the CEO of un/known Liisa helps leaders and companies – un/known included – mold and bring about strategies that provide a clear, inspiring direction.

+358 50 303 4373


Sampo Axelsson

Strategy Lead

As our strategy lead Sampo is on a mission to uncover shifts in customer value and help companies build new, customer-centric business models.

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Ulla Holma.jpg

Ulla Holma

Innovation Lead

As our innovation lead, Ulla is passionate about questioning current strategies and operating models. She seeks to find the connection between companies and their stakeholders through strategic foresight and people-centric thinking.


Minna Mustakallio

Impact Lead

Minna brings new concepts of value, such as sustainability metrics, into strategy and innovation work. She also creates guidelines and tools for using data and developing algorithmic systems in a responsible and consequences-driven manner.

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