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Posti - Digital channel strategy, management model, and team building


In the spring of 2022, Posti, Finland's leading service for mail and parcel delivery, faced the task of refining the role and vision for key components of its digital channel portfolio. Posti aimed to gain an in-depth understanding of the current situation and its origins. The goal was to create clarity, paving the way for identifying necessary changes and establishing a robust management model for the future with well-defined roles.


Posti entrusted Un/known with the challenge. To foster a transformation from within, Un/known took on an internal role at Posti. It quickly became apparent that making the current state understandable to all stakeholders was crucial. This endeavor required sense-making across the organization.

Over eight months, a new management model was meticulously developed for the channel, and its role was precisely defined. The right individuals were carefully selected to fill these roles. Un/known remained an integral part of the transition, assisting the new team to refine their methods and roles and finalize the channel strategy.


The true value of this assignment lay in creating an entirely new management model. This transformation enabled Posti to adjust to the demands of the present while being adaptable to future needs. It empowered individuals to assume new roles and collaborate in shaping future operations.

“During a strategic stage of a rethink of our digital customer facing channels, we needed an external expert to come and hold the reigns and help us to define the right course of action for our website. Un/known brought in a seasoned professional with expertise in digital channels both from the customer-facing and internal development point of view. In a short time, they were able to identify all relevant stakeholders, define a operating model and draft an internal role to take over the project management.  Un/known also assisted in the recruitment process and stayed on to ensure an efficient onboarding of the new hire. The operating model for channel they employed is viable and continues to be the way in which the channel is lead even today.”

Ulla Jones,

Director, Customer Experience, Posti Group

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