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Kaupunkiliikenne : Customer strategy


Helsinki's Metropolitan Area Transport (Kaupunkiliikenne) is responsible for the construction and operation of tram and subway lines, playing a pivotal role in one of the world's most dependable public transport systems. 

In early 2022, Kaupunkiliikenne embarked on a significant journey by transitioning from a city agency to a business-to-business (B2B) entity. This rapid transformation brought about a host of new challenges, chief among them being the need to enhance customer understanding and orientation.


In the middle of 2022, Kaupunkiliikenne entrusted Un/known with the task of crafting its inaugural customer strategy and development roadmap. The public transport landscape in the Helsinki metropolitan area is notably intricate, demanding a comprehensive sensemaking approach. 

We achieved this clarity through extensive consultations with customers, stakeholders, and internal experts. Subsequently, we progressed to define and validate the customer strategy. Throughout the engagement, we worked closely with the client-side team and leadership to facilitate smooth decision-making processes.


The outcome of our collaboration encompasses vital elements such as the value proposition, customer experience priorities, and the customer management model. Johanna Partti, Strategy Director at Kaupunkiliikenne, lauds Un/known as an outstanding partner, and they are exceptionally content with the results achieved.

The implementation of Kaupunkiliikenne's customer strategy is slated to commence in the autumn of 2023.

"As a new company, our main goal was to focus on our customers. We needed to create basic practices for managing customer experiences. Un/known was a valuable partner in helping us build these foundations with our team." 

- Johanna Partti, Strategy Director, Kaupunkiliikenne.

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