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Skanno: Skanno-home's vision and service concept (collab)


Skanno needed help in designing the vision and concept of Skanno's new showroom, Skanno home, as well as taking the functionalities that support the concept into the service path (excecuted in collaboration with design agency Fyra).


We started the overall design work by getting to know the new, then under renovation, wonderful Tullihallitus building and its valuable history. The work began with a research phase, where we gathered an understanding of the needs and pain points of the customers, Skanno residents and partners for the new Skanno Home.

The research phase helped us create a new vision and state of will for Skanno. The project continued with the creation of a home-like showroom that fulfills the vision and invites you to be at home and get to know the products. We created a service path that gently transports customers through the space, while taking into account the needs of the people of Skann in different parts of the space: material banks, warehouses, design spaces, staff break rooms, etc.


The result of the work was the creation of Skanno's vision-level concept and a flow that supports functionality, which takes into account all user groups. The space invites you to stay and get to know Skanno's wonderful offer. Read more about Skanno Home here.

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