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Reima – comprehending the dynamics of the second-hand market across three European countries


Reima, a renowned Finnish children's wear company, faced the challenge of comprehending the dynamics of the second-hand market across three European countries. Their primary goal was to gain insights into how parents purchase and utilize second-hand clothing in these regions. Additionally, Reima was keen to explore whether implementing digital traceability through a unique identifier (ID) could enhance the value proposition for customers (read more about EU level sustainable textile strategy). 

They sought to identify opportunities to enhance their service in the second-hand market. 


Reima engaged the services of Un/known to address their challenge. Our team of seasoned consultants  approached the project scope with mixed-method approach which combines both qualitative and quantitive insights. This approach has systematically proven itself the most valuable way to understand complex and systemic issues:

  • In-depth Trend Research: We conducted extensive research into second-hand market trends in the chosen markets to gain a holistic understanding of the market dynamics.

  • Customer Interviews: Our consultants conducted deep, qualitative interviews with parents in these three target markets. These interviews provided valuable insights into customer behaviors, preferences, and expectations regarding second-hand clothing.

  • Opportunity Analysis: We collated the research findings and synthesized them into a set of actionable opportunities for Reima. These opportunities were carefully curated based on market insights and customer feedback.

  • Quantitative Validation: To ensure the validity and potential impact of these opportunities, we designed and executed a quantitative survey. This survey allowed us to quantify the market potential and customer response to the proposed initiatives.


Through our collaboration, Reima gained a comprehensive understanding of the similarities and differences in the second-hand market across the markets. We provided Reima with a well-defined set of opportunities to create enhanced customer value within the second-hand market. Armed with the insights and opportunities we presented, Reima gained valuable ideas to further refine and expand its offering.

In conclusion, our partnership with Reima not only enabled them to navigate the complexities of the second-hand market in multiple European countries but also equipped them with actionable insights to serve their customers better.

In order to understand consumers’ behavior and their real motivations in decision making in second hand market, we needed help! Un/known's team provided their great expertise in the research to get in the core of consumer insights with holistic approach and truly helping us planning the next steps.

– Mikko Linnaluoma, Digital Programs Director – Reima Europe Oy

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