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NAL Asunnot: Strategy renewal, resident insights and journey


NAL Asunnot is a non-profit organization that specializes in providing affordable housing solutions for young adults under the age of 30. They own a substantial portfolio of more than 2,200 apartments located in the Helsinki Metropolitan area and other prominent urban centers in Finland where there is a demand for reasonably priced rental housing.

NAL Asunnot recognized the need to update their strategy and sought our help. The objective was to establish a new purpose, values, make strategic decisions, and create an action plan that would resonate with and motivate their dedicated staff. Additionally, they aimed to develop an action plan for implementing the strategy effectively. To achieve these goals, they recognized the importance of gaining a deeper understanding of the lives of their customers. This customer-centric approach is vital as it not only enhances their ability to serve the community effectively but also fosters engagement and commitment among their personnel.


The company's strategy was crafted through co-creation workshops with active participation of employees. These workshops focused on crucial areas like defining the new purpose and values, making strategic choices, and determining action plans. Following each workshop, a steering group  reviewed the outcomes of the collaborative efforts. The steering group played a vital role in making the final decisions regarding strategic focus areas, refining the wording, and solidifying the strategy's specifics. This approach ensures that the strategy benefits from diverse perspectives, promoting engagement and buy-in from the company's personnel.

To further refine the strategy and align it with resident needs, we conducted an extensive qualitative research. In this phase we decided to use diary study and resident interviews methods. Diary study is especially effective when researching the daily flow of people's lives in a certain period of time. Accompanied with interviews it gives a rich conctextual view on resident experience. 

The qualitative insights were leveraged to create need categories tailored to resident needs, guaranteeing that the services offered address a significant portion of the resident population effectively. This customer-centric approach enhances resident satisfaction and supports the company's strategic objectives.


The purpose of NAL Asunto is that every young person has a HOME from which to build a good life. In order to make that purpose more concrete and actionable, we planned measurable strategic choices on how NAL Asunnot plans to reach the goal and realize that vision. This resulted to a portfolio of development actions to reach the previously determined goals. 

Following the strategy renewal, our collaboration extended to define the significance of the defined purpose "A HOME, from which to build a good life" for young people in various circumstances. Additionally, we explored the role that NAL Asunnot can play in realizing this vision.

Based on an extensive resident research, we built needs-based segmentation and a resident journey to fuel service creation. This will help NAL Asunnot build services to improve the customer experience of their residents – and to deploy their renewed strategy.

"One of my most beautiful working days was last week, when I presented our new strategy to the NAL Asunnot board for their approval. I am really happy and satisfied with the result we achieved together with my team, the board, and Un/known. It is great to continue developing the company. Together, with responsibility and care."

– Samuli Killström, CEO, NAL Asunnot

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