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MaaS Global: Whim Service Innovation


Mobiity is infront of massive change in next 10 years. Ownereship of a car will be impossible equation globally. At the same time public and community mobility services are constantly evolving. At the same time mobility, especially in cities is perceived as one of the biggest pain points of the day.


We started Whim-project by researching the pain point in mobility during the passengers travel journey: from route planning to post-trip experience. Understanding of the infrastructure of mobility in Helsinki was vital. 

We held both observations,  interviews and co-creation workshops to map the incentives and expectations of all actors and operators involved. Later on, we tested and validated the prototypes with potential customers iteratively both in Helsinki and worldwide.


We designed Whim service which contains all mobility needed from public transport to taxis to rental cars and scooters. Service experience from route planning to post-trip experience are core to succeeding. Whim service continues expansion to new cities around the globe.

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