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Electricity Company: B2B Service & Business Model Innovation


As is widely known, energy is in the midst of multiple, simultaneous disruptions. Therefore, an electricity company tasked us to discover and define the core principles of a new service-oriented business model. 

The goal of the work was to advance the customer understanding and acceptance of energy and service transition for distributed energy production.


We responded to the innovation challenge with a swift but thorough 8-week sprint. To understand the market opportunity and the dynamics of the sales funnel, we recruited a cohort of existing and potential customers for extensive immersion. 

In addition, to clarify the core technology and the organizational implications of a new service model, we worked closely with a variety of experts across the client company. Based on the insights we designed a concept and tested it with our customer cohort with further iterations based on the feedback. The service concept and key elements of the business model were validated through customer testing. 


The immersion generated valuable insights into the existing service ecosystem, tangible customer frustrations, and potential points of entry. Next, the service concept and the underlying business model will be piloted in the real world.

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