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GenAI in Design Consulting – training by un/known

No more FOMO or annoying hype. Join us for a half a day training where you can upscale your design consulting skills with LLM services.

We at un/known believe that GenAI – and other similar advances in large language model technologies – will change the way we do creative knowledge work for good. But as any technological advances, there are a lot of uncertainties and a lot of unnecessary hype.

Join us for an exciting in-person half a day event at Sofia Helsinki, Unioninkatu, Helsinki, Finland 11th of January from 12 - 4 PM. Discover how artificial intelligence can change the way we approach design consulting.

You will learn how to use LLM services such as Perplexity and ChatGPT in the following areas:

Introduction to Generative AI

  • Definition of generative AI

  • Overview of how it works

  • Biases in AI

  • Examples of generative AI in service and UX design

Benefits of Generative AI in Service and UX Design

  • How generative AI can help designers and writers create new and innovative ideas?

  • How generative AI can streamline the design process and save time?

  • What are the risks and possible bottlenecks?

Techniques and Interfaces for Generative AI

  • Different techniques and interfaces for generative AI

  • Creating prompts

  • Examples of use cases

  • How to compare different solutions and checking their legal and ethical aspects

  • Prompting techniques 101

  • Creativity and thought patterns with AI

  • Creating your own GPT (this requires a subscription, but it is not necessary for participants to purchase it)

This course has limited seats available and it's designed for hands-on learning and sharing. You do not have to have any experience with LLM services, but prepare to create accounts for the above mentioned service providers to unlock the different features.

Register now, there are limited seats available!

About your trainer

Anna Haverinen, PhD, is the Lead Researcher of un/known. Her professional journey is characterized by versatility, excelling in design anthropology, product management, strategic development – and of course research. Armed with a background in Anthropology and a Ph.D. in Digital Culture Studies, Anna excels in unearthing profound human insights to drive transformative change. Anna has extensive experience as a team and research leader, successfully overseeing intricate projects on a large scale. Since 2009 she has contributed her skills to diverse industries, with a particular focus on MVP and Discovery projects encompassing everything from branding to product design and foundational research to strategic exploration.

In addition to the skills mentioned above, Anna is a highly experienced public speaker, educator, and a beloved coach. She has helped both teams and individuals to learn new skills and upscale their learning within their organisations.

Contact Anna for more information about the training:

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