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Webinar: Responsible & mindful AI – key learnings for leaders 8.11.2023

Leader, do you understand what it takes to develop responsible and mindful AI?

There are many definitions of artificial intelligence, but the essential point is that we are dealing with a set of technologies that can be considered learning. In machine learning, algorithms learn to structure data and draw conclusions from it independently. In terms of responsibility, it is important to understand that it matters how the algorithm is taught.

Artificial intelligence scales and is able to make decisions far more efficiently than humans, so understanding the consequences of decisions is critical in the development of responsible artificial intelligence.

Join us on Wednesday the 8th of November at 9-10 AM to learn what are the key things you as a leader need to consider in your organisation when using or developing AI.

In this webinar our AI & Impact Lead Minna Mustakallio will provide examples of what kind of way of working results to responsible and mindful AI – and how leaders should ask the right questions.

She will walk through the essentials of all crucial elements of artificial intelligence development and how leadership can have a massive impact on the outcome of the development:

1. Data

2. Algorithms

3. Outcome

4. Action.


Who is Minna?

Minna Mustakallio, AI & Impact Lead of Un/known, strives to create richer and more

diverse definitions of value to guide companies' strategy, service innovations and use of technology.

Minna is passionate about the multidisciplinary nature of AI creation, human consequences of emergent technology and professional ethics of technology work. She has contributed to public discussion on AI ethics and mindful usage of data, in the form of articles, keynotes and panel appearances.

Minna has more than 20 years of experience in digital business in various design, business, product management and leadership roles (Futurice,, She has led projects and teams in several consulting companies, participated in a startup that builds a platform for explaining artificial intelligence, and worked in the largest private AI lab in the Nordics. Currently, she works as the lead AI advisor in a large Finnish organisation on how to align their AI use with values and strategy and govern AI.

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