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How to establish responsible AI principles within your company: Building sustainable foundations

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

We are facing unknown challenges – but we can be prepared.

It's crucial to have a solid strategy before using AI technologies. Your organization should use AI in a way that matches its values and goals. This a better approach than quickly giving everyone AI tools or starting many projects to keep up with AI trend.

The most important part of responsible artificial intelligence development is tackling the identified challenges and risks. However, there must also be a discussion about the effects of artificial intelligence and how its use affects humanity and society more broadly.

  • Responsibility is not only an intrinsic value but also frees energy, reducing many uncertainties.

  • Development decisions become easier when support and information are available for both legality and addressing ethical issues.

  • Creativity needs boundaries - guardrails for responsible AI create psychological safety for ideating and utilizing artificial intelligence.

  • Transparency and reliability in AI development strengthen public trust in the organisation.

  • Responsibility leads to good quality.

Responsibility is essentially the awareness of people to ask the right questions.

The most significant part of all responsible artificial intelligence development is the systematic implementation of the process described below. Responsibility is primarily the awareness of people to ask the right questions.

Responsible AI starts with asking questions such as…

  • How is AI is already being applied within our teams?

  • In the future, where are the touchpoints where AI will directly and indirectly affect humans, both inside & outside of our organization?

  • What are the possibilities and limitations of our data?

  • What type of tasks should we aim to outsource to AI – and which should we not?

We facilitate the discussions that help you assess these questions in an agile manner.

Following this, we help you turn this assessment into a series of guiding principles.

We help you answer the essential AI questions, which enables you to build your Responsible AI foundation.

How do we help to build your Responsible AI foundation?


We map how AI already is and how it could be applied in your organisation. We look at culture, applications, and data flows.


Un/known creates an assessment of AI risks in your specific context & the first draft of guiding principles.


Small team workshop to iterate & improve the guiding principles draft.


Finishing touches & guiding principles delivery.

Optional: Validation

1-on-1 validation interviews with the key people in leadership

Output from the work.

Principles for responsible AI, which answers the most important questions relating to the utilisation of AI in your organisation. These areas are chosen during the work, including how and where AI is used within your organisation, related roles and responsibilities, data sources etc.

How long does it take, and what does it cost?

The estimated* price for building your Responsible AI foundation is

17.000 – 25.000€ (+VAT). The duration of the work is 3-5 weeks. Both price and duration depend on industry specifications and the number of stakeholders.


About un/known

We are a Helsinki-based management consultancy.

We believe that long-term success is built by optimists – those who can resist tunnel vision and turn challenges into opportunities.

By bridging the gap between strategy and practice, we are ready to become your trusted allies in this process.

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We make visions come to reality. We connect your big ideas to real-world success, making sure your strategies lead to practical results and operational excellence.

Innovation and Growth

Research is in our DNA. We facilitate innovation for organizations by exploring emerging trends, recognizing fresh opportunities, and offering flexible frameworks.

Mindful and Responsible AI

We develop ethical and mindful AI practices while ensuring your organisation’s capabilities to adapt to change.

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