As the CEO of un/known Liisa helps leaders and companies – un/known included – mold and bring about strategies that provide a clear, inspiring direction. 

A problem solver at heart, Liisa has worked over a decade building business strategies in companies large (Nokia, Tieto) and small. She has served in leadership teams and worked as a strategy director, a consultant, and a board member. 

Liisa has led change in multinational organizations and teams. Her preferred approach for transformation is a mix of methods that range from traditional analysis to progressive people-centric and collaborative practices. Her belief is that finding clarity, creating alignment, and building resilience in teams is equally important as having a good plan.

Liisa holds a master's degree in economics from Helsinki School of Economics. She is currently writing a book about B2B customer experience together with a group of leading experts. She also campaigns to raise awareness for childhood cancer, and resets by biking on the road and in the woods with and without her kids.


Ville is our strategy lead, focused on helping leaders, teams, and organizations navigate uncertainty with clarity, create systems change, and drive impact at scale.

For more than 15 years, Ville has worked at the forefront of business transformation. His toolbelt includes the applied social sciences, strategic foresight, strategic design, and business strategy. 


Previously, he has led the strategy consultancy Wevolve that he co-founded in New York in 2011, and its successor Poem in Helsinki, advising clients across the sectors of technology, media, finance, health & wellbeing, food, hospitality, social innovation, fashion, culture, and art. 

Before consulting, Ville worked with Nokia as a futures specialist in New York, London, and Helsinki for six years. He explored the shifts in society, technology, culture, and behavior on five continents, and led strategy, transformation, and innovation projects with global business, design, product, brand, and R&D teams.

Ville holds an MA in Psychology with a minor in Media Studies from University of Turku, and has initiated a PhD at Media Lab at Aalto University School of Arts, Design, and Architecture.


Ville is also an aspiring diver and an adept snowboarder, with a knack for exploring both human and non-human unknowns.


As an innovation lead, Petri partners with our customers to make abstract things tangible. Switching nimbly between deep understanding and rapid experimenting, he translates strategies into actual operations and clear directions for market-shaping products.

For more than two decades, Petri has facilitated the creation of transformative strategies and co-created life-changing innovation globally.


He approaches every project with audacious ambition to create new industry benchmarks. 

While being a profound strategic thinker, Petri is trained as a designer. He is an avid champion of collaborative methods and believes that prototyping, visualising, and storytelling are the most powerful tools to envision future paths and make these a reality. 

In his free time, he tries to help his kids raise himself, cooks elaborate meals, follows beauty, cultivates smartness, and advocates good causes voraciously.


As an innovation lead, Ulla is passionate about questioning current strategies and operating models. She seeks to find the connection between companies and their stakeholders through strategic foresight and people-centric thinking.

For more than two decades, Ulla has focused on strategic design, innovation, and business transformation. She has delivered award-winning outcomes for her clients and helped various companies rethink their businesses from their customers’ perspective. She has worked across industries, including mobility, construction, learning, finance, health and wellbeing, insurance, and consumer technology. 

Ulla holds an MA from Aalto University School of Art and Design, a degree in urban design from LAB University of Applied Sciences, and a BA from Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. She is also a visiting lecturer in urban design and strategic design at LAB University of Applied Sciences in Lahti. 

Ulla is curious about exploring the rapidly changing world and its impact on people, behavior, culture, and businesses. She loves the outdoors and heads for the sea, the mountains or the woods whenever possible.


Minna, our culture and technology lead, is driven by a strong belief that the best recipe for organization’s success is to integrate diverse views into designing, building, and running businesses.

Minna has over 20 years of experience from various design, business, product management, and leadership roles in the digital industry. She has led projects and teams at a digital consultancy as well as worked at an explainable AI platform startup and at the largest private AI lab in the Nordics. 

Minna is passionate about richer definitions of value for guiding organizations through strategy, service innovation, and technology projects. She is constantly exploring the intersections of technology, society, and ecosystems. In addition, she has created guidelines and tools for using data and developing algorithmic systems in a responsible and consequences-driven manner. 

Minna holds an MSc degree from Helsinki School of Economics.


Outside of work she delights in nature by hiking, kayaking, and horseback riding. To embrace her nerdy side, she plays video games with her son and composes epic soundtracks for imaginary films.


As a strategy lead Sampo is on a mission to uncover shifts in customer value and help companies build new, customer-centric business models. 

Sampo’s path has followed the S-curve of digital change: he was there when the media was first revolutionized and then witnessed firsthand the emergence of new business models across industries. ​​​​

After experimenting with e-commerce on the pre-social media internet, he moved into digital strategy in 2008. ​In 2014, Sampo joined Miltton as a co-founder of the consultancy’s marketing practice, where he led a team of strategists while delving ever deeper into the evolving dynamics of brand strategy, customer experience, and growth.

​​​​In 2020 alone, Sampo led and co-led assignments as diverse as purpose and vision setting for a state-owned enterprise, business model innovation for a market-leading heavy industrials company, and brand architecture work for a highly complex public sector organization.


At heart, Sampo is a big picture lover and a  strategic advisor. He has a keen eye for shifting definitions and connections between customer value and financial value. ​​​​Sampo truly admires music, the sea, and the city of Helsinki.


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