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allies for optimists

We help you to find, validate & act on strategic opportunities that will renew your business.

We bridge the gap between company level strategic priorities and business or product level operative planning.

Our work typically looks 2-5 years into the future and creates clarity of the features, development, and activities to be built during that time. Our output provides ready guidance and roadmaps for operations and activity planning. 

Bridging strategy to operative service development
Feeds into:
Product and service operations
Business model renewal
New service and product concepts etc.


Our Offering

"As a newly established limited company, our primary imperative was to cultivate a customer-centric culture, with our customers at the epicenter of everything we do. This necessitated the establishment of fundamental customer experience management practices. Un/known proved to be an invaluable partner in helping us lay these foundations and co-developing them alongside our team." 

Johanna Partti, Strategy Director, Kaupunkiliikenne

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