Lead into the un/known


We work through cycles of deep understanding and rapid experimenting to create the shared realities between companies, people, and society.


Our unique approach gives you a realistic view of your business, bridges the chasm between deciding and doing, and drives vital change at speed.

It is based on these five principles:

Everything is coupled

To make sense of businesses, people, society, and the environment we approach them as interdependent systems. Similarly, to drive transformation in a company, we take the systemic approach with and across strategies, innovation, and change.

Prototyping forward

To help you navigate uncertainty, we refrain from describing fluffy goals and drawing maps of imagined future paths. Instead, we prototype futures, try what is possible, and iterate the various directions to find the ones that work.

Driven by consequences

To create strategies that shape the future, we acknowledge that all actions create effects. This is why we examine your embedded values and explore rigorously the positive and negative consequences that may result from different actions.

Insights from experience

To gain accurate insights, we apply a range of methods from the social sciences to study the actual human worlds and experience. This anchors strategic decisions to human outcomes, leading to real value creation and impact in people’s lives.

Measuring change

To track change, we apply progressive metrics that follow the company’s future performance. These measure an organization's success at meeting objectives, strategies, and impact goals, as well as the overall ability to align with customers.